Michèle Sadler has been working as an independent nutrition consultant since September 2000, growing to a limited company (Rank Nutrition Ltd) in 2012.



With experience of working as a nutritionist at BNF and IGD, followed by 16 years as an independent consultant, under the name MJSR Associates, Dr Michèle Sadler became Director of her own company, and established Rank Nutrition Ltd in August 2012.



Rank Nutrition Ltd focusses on the application of nutrition science within the food industry, including nutritional strategy, new product development and product positioning particularly in the area of health claims, advice on product composition, compiling dossiers for health claim applications, and advising on protocols for clinical trials to support health claim applications.



Michèle has successfully completed two dossiers for EU health claim applications, one as part of the further assessment process that has resulted in an authorised claim for prunes, and one for a disease risk reduction claim for folic acid supplements. Other dossier applications have been submitted and others are in preparation.



Michèle is editor of a series of books for Woodhead Publishing Ltd (Elsevier) on EU Authorised Health Claims. Volume 1 was published in April 2014 (http://store.elsevier.com/product.jsp?isbn=9780857098481&pagename=search)  Volume 2 was published in June 2015 (http://store.elsevier.com/product.jsp?isbn=9781782423829&pagename=search), and Volume 3 in January 2018. 



Recent assignments include advising and overseeing clinical trials to support health claim applications, summarising newly published scientific papers and reviews, updates on scientific and regulatory developments, advice on product composition (foods, supplements, meal replacements), nutritional input to marketing communications, company representation at committees and working groups, writing dossiers, scientific monographs, book chapters and reviews, editing journal supplements, radio interviews, conference presentations, talks to consumers, training, writing market intelligence reports and evaluation of industry initiatives.


Michele is also the Editor in Chief of the Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (1st Edition) published by Academic Press in 3 volumes (1999), and is the Nutrition Editor of the Encyclopedia of Food Science, Food Technology and Nutrition published in 8 volumes (1993).


Michele is the Programme Co-ordinator for SENSE self-employed nutritionists, organising scientific meetings to update members.






Skills and Strengths

Michèle Sadler has excellent contacts with government, trade associations, industry and academia. Highly motivated and enthusiastic Michèle Sadler’s key skills include expertise in the area of health claims, scientific interpretation and advice, writing, summarising, editing and communication skills, organisational skills, networking, media and presentation skills and ability to manage multiple tasks.


BSc Nutrition Science
PhD Nutrition/Biochemistry/Toxicology
Basic Certificate in Food Hygiene

Registered Nutritionist (AfN)
Member of the Nutrition Society (Great Britain)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
Member of IADSA Scientific Committee
Programme Co-ordinator of SENSE Nutrition Consultants

Member of Nutritionists in Industry


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