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With over 35 years’ experience working as a nutrition scientist including as a nutritionist at BNF and IGD, and as an independent consultant under the name MJSR Associates, Michèle Sadler set up a limited company (Rank Nutrition Ltd) in 2012, providing scientific and regulatory services to the food and related industries. Her work focuses on the interface between science and food-related EU regulations, including health claims, food supplements, novel foods, Article 8 (of Addition of Nutrients Regulation), and foods for special medical purposes. Other areas of activity have included support for ACBS applications.


Key skills include expertise in the interpretation of scientific studies, advising on scientific study design and related regulatory advice, authority on the scientific and regulatory requirements for EU health claims and novel foods, along with writing, editing, communication and stewardship skills.


Expertise includes compiling dossiers for authorisation of novel foods and health claims with successful outcomes for two EU health claims, one as part of the further assessment process that resulted in the authorised EU health claim for prunes, and one that resulted in the authorised disease risk reduction claim for folic acid. Other health claim projects and dossier applications, including for novel foods, are in preparation.


Michele also advises on protocols for clinical trials to support health claim applications, and on toxicology research to support novel food and risk assessment applications.


Michele has been Scientific Adviser to the HFMA since 2004. During this time she has closely followed the development of EU Regulations. 


Michele has also edited three books for Woodhead Publishing Ltd on EU Authorised Health Claims (volumes 1, 2 and 3).


Michèle is editor of a series of books for Woodhead Publishing Ltd (Elsevier) on EU Authorised Health Claims. Volume 1 was published in April 2014 (  Volume 2 was published in June 2015 (, and Volume 3 in January 2018. 

Michele is also the Editor in Chief of the Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (1st Edition) published by Academic Press in 3 volumes (1999), and is the Nutrition Editor of the Encyclopedia of Food Science, Food Technology and Nutrition published in 8 volumes (1993).








Skills and Strengths

Michèle Sadler has excellent contacts with government, trade associations, industry and academia. Highly motivated and enthusiastic Michèle Sadler’s key skills include expertise in the area of health claims, scientific interpretation and advice, writing, summarising, editing and communication skills, organisational skills, networking, media and presentation skills and ability to manage multiple tasks.


BSc Nutrition Science
PhD Nutrition/Biochemistry/Toxicology
Basic Certificate in Food Hygiene

Registered Nutritionist (AfN)
Member of the Nutrition Society (Great Britain)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
Member of IADSA Scientific Committee
Programme Co-ordinator of SENSE Nutrition Consultants

Member of Nutritionists in Industry

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